Dear Rapid Kiwi Customers,

We are excited to announce a significant improvement to our backup system, designed to provide you with enhanced data protection and reliability. Our commitment to safeguarding your data remains firm, and this upgrade ensures that your valuable website and content are in safe hands.

Key Changes and Enhancements:

1. New Backup System - JetBackup: We have transitioned to the advanced JetBackup system, renowned for its efficiency and reliability. This cutting-edge technology empowers us to deliver even more robust backup solutions for your websites and data.

2. Daily Backups at 2 AM: To minimise any potential impact on our network and servers, daily backups will now be performed at 2 AM NZST (New Zealand Standard Time). This optimised schedule ensures that your website's performance remains unaffected during peak hours.

3. Extended Backup Retention: With our upgraded system, we will now retain backups for a generous 14-day period. This extended retention duration provides added flexibility and security for your data.

4. New Off-site Backup Location in Sydney: We have introduced a new off-site backup location in Sydney, Australia. This strategic addition enhances our backup redundancy and data recovery capabilities.

5. Triple Redundancy: Your data is now replicated across three geographically separated locations, ensuring physical isolation and protection. These locations are situated many kilometres apart.

We understand that the security of your website and data is of paramount importance. With these upgrades, we have further fortified our commitment to providing you with top-tier hosting services.

While these enhancements are designed to be seamless, should you have any questions or require assistance, our support team is ready to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Rapid Kiwi as your hosting provider. We look forward to continually serving you with excellence.

Best regards,

The Rapid Kiwi Team

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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